A rags to riches story of two techie brothers!


Kumar Srinivasan and Kalyan Raman

Success comes to those who dare to dream and have the spirit to make it true. This is proved by the brothers- Kalyan Raman and Kumar Srinivasan. “The beauty of hope is that when you have nothing else left to lean upon, you get used to be peaceful. You wait for miracles to happen. Waiting for miracles helps remain hopeful.” The audacity of hope does seem to be a skimpy little virtue quite often. But, for those who have the audacity to hope have little choice but to make it come true. It was this virtue that made Kumar Srinivasan and Kalyan Raman(Kal) to emerge from the humble environs of the village in which they were born to the sophisticated corporate world. Successfully breaking the shackles of poverty that ruined the mirth of their boyhood, the two brothers today reign the corporate world—Kumar Srinivasan as the General Manager, Vice President of Technology and Head of Amazon Bangalore Center and Kalyan Raman as the CEO of Global Scholar. They have come a long way, though the journey was not an easy one. “It’s neither easy now”, adds Kumar. But that never deterred them. Challenges fuelled their hope, and every trial and triumph turned out to be a new learning experience. The story is not a ‘rags to riches’ story, but it is more about the growth of two individuals who had the innate wisdom and an undying spirit. Truly validating the words, “We are all born with a divine spark in us. Our effort should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness.” To read the full story, please check http://www.thesmarttechie.com/magazine/fullstory.php/WIOB985704495


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