Newborn girl survives live burial!

A newborn girl, buried alive by her family Thursday morning, miraculously survived and is recovering in a hospital in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. The two-day-old baby was rescued by a farmer on seeing her hand protruding from a pit in which she was buried by her maternal grandfather and his brother. The mother of the baby was also allegedly involved in the plot. The girl was buried at a deserted place about a kilometre from Otkur village of Mahbubnagar district, about 170 km of Hyderabad, but was rescued by the farmer, who was going on his tractor to the field. Doctors were surprised as to how the girl survived despite being under the pit for three to four hours. Police said that Abdul Raheem, the maternal grandfather of the girl, was feeling already burdened by his seven daughters including Mehrunnisa and fearing that he might not be able to take care of eighth girl in the family decided to kill the baby. He told police that the decision was taken with the consent of Mehrunnisa. This is the first child of 21-year-old Mehrunnisa, whose husband Abdul Ghani, a native of Maharashtra who had allegedly deserted her.


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