Guard’s wife braves thrashing, nabs burglar!

NAGPUR 8th Jan 2010 : Wiry and withered Kantabai Rathod, in her thirties, is far from the image of a braveheart woman, but she nabbed a burglar despite being mercilessly punched and kicked by him on Thursday. A pale Kantabai was wriggling in pain from a swollen right hand at Ajni police station een on Thursday afternoon. Kantabai’s bravado ensured cash and valuables worth Rs 71,000 were saved and a burglar was nabbed red-handed.

 Kantabai, wife of the security guard Durgaprasad, was busy in her chores when she spotted a stranger walking into Shridhar Apartments at Suyognagar. She went up to the youth to find out why he was visiting the apartment. The stranger, later identified as Jeetendra Tarate, claimed that he had come to check out a cable connection.

 “He claimed to be an electrician but I had a doubt. I decided to check what was going on upstairs since he did not return in some time. I went up under the pretence of going to the terrace to dry clothes,” said Kantabai, mother of two sons. “I tiptoed to the third floor, where I saw the lock broken on the door of a flat owned by the Hedao family. The youth must have sensed me coming, so he waited a couple of minutes in the stairs, to see whether

 I really went up the stairs. I saw him walking out at a fast pace and caught hold of his collar from behind. He started beating me, but I did not let go,” said Kantabai. The two scuffled till the youth had managed to drag Kantabai outside. “He had come on a two-wheeler, but I was not letting him escape,” said Kantabai, adding that guards from the neighbouring building rushed to her aid. The couple, Kamal and Loki Gurkha, deployed as guards of an adjacent building, rushed out to help after hearing a commotion. Kamal was the first to pounce on the miscreant, even while he continued thrashing Kantabai.

 “I snatched the spanner from him (Tarate) and struck him on the leg. He fell down after being hit,” said Kamal, adding that no one else came to their help. “He had the jewellery in his pocket. Luckily, a patrolling cop spotted us struggling and came to our help,” he said. “I pulled the youth’s leg and pinned him down while my husband (Kamal) overpowered him,” said Loki, her eyes brightening as the occupants of the apartment came down to congratulate them.


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