Two girls blown up by callous Taliban saved by hero !

TWO little Afghan girls horrifically injured by a Taliban bomb have been saved by the determination and skill of a group of caring British soldiers and medics. Three-year-old Kamila and pal Wasila, six, nearly died after accidentally triggering an improvised explosive device (IED) as they played outside their home in Musa Qala, Helmand Province.Kamila took the brunt of the blast, suffering severe head injuries, while Wasila’s stomach was ripped open by molten shrapnel causing liver damage.Kamila’s horrified father was on the scene in seconds and scooped up the girls and took them to Musa Qala District Centre, certain that coalition troops there would help. But the injuries were so severe that they alerted a four-man British Medical Emergency Response Team, staffed by doctors and nurses, which raced to help in a Chinook chopper.The girls were then flown to a hospital at Kandahar Airbase.Kamila was placed in an intensive care unit where doctors feared the worst. The blast had paralysed her on her entire left side and brain damage left her unable to express emotion.But the tender care of a British neurosurgeon, who had volunteered to serve in Afghanistan, along with his Canadian and American colleagues changed that.After weeks of treatment Kamila and Wasila recovered. Doctors were even able to help Kamila show her emotions again – and she got back her cheeky grin.

One thought on “Two girls blown up by callous Taliban saved by hero !

  1. I was one of the team involved in treatment before the emergency crew arrived. I feel proud that my effort alongside other colleagues has helped these 2 little girls survive. It has brought back some memories after reading this article.

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