Gardener wants to plant reading habit among youth!

BANGALORE: Subroto Bagchi, the `gardener’ at IT solutions company MindTree, and author of The Professional, spoke his heart out at a gathering organized by the Bangalore Book Club on Saturday evening. In an interview with STOI, he shared his motivations and concerns about the reading habit. Excerpts:

Your writing seems to target the youth. Do you write specifically to inspire them?

I write because I owe something to my people. If my writing can inspire someone to become a true professional, to create good enterprises and a rich work environment, I will feel happy.

What was playing on your mind when you wrote The Professional?

People can always gather qualifications but there are professional qualities that cannot be taught in a curriculum, and which are very neccessary for growth. The book talks about the true professional behaviour of people right from Narayana Murthy to Mahadeva, a grave-digger.

How do you think the reading habit can be cultivated among teenagers?

Book clubs without political or financial agenda are required. Also, we need healthy book-reading sessions, gatherings like this one, and inculcating the reading habit in school and college…

As a writer, how much do you read?

I am not a voracious reader. I read slow and pick very few books. I have a full-time job! But personally, I believe reading spoils your writing style. Reading is like eating and writing is like cooking.


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