Reel life villain turns real hero!

Riyaz Khan

Actor Riyaz Khan, who is well-known for his on-screen stunts and negative roles, played hero in real life recently. On the day after Diwali, when he was having a family get-together at his parents place in Saligramam, he saw a fire break out in his neighborhood and rushed to put out the flames thus saving the life of 74-year-old lady.
Speaking about the incident Riyaz says, “I was at the balcony when I saw something near the roof of the opposite house burning. At first I ignored it as I thought that someone might be burning garbage. But when I saw the people in the nearby house panicking, I sensed something was wrong. So I rushed to the opposite house, which is a single storied building, and informed the old lady, Chembakam, who lived in the house about the mishap and rushed to the terrace.”
He adds, “By the time I reached there, the entire thatched roof had caught fire and there were fumes everywhere. I went down and informed my elder son, Shariq, to call the other residents of the house, who were away for a function and I switched off the electricity from the main. Meanwhile, my wife Uma called for a fire engine.”
He says, “As I came closer, I saw that all the bamboo sticks were burning and some of the vinyl sheets which were kept on the terrace had started melting. So to prevent the fire from spreading to other sheets, the cable wire and even the trees, I climbed up the tank and threw many buckets of water to douse the fire. It took an hour to bring the situation in control. After which all other neighbours had come to help and the fire engine had also arrived.” According to him, it was his on-screen stunts which gave him the necessary courage to fight the blaze at that moment.
The residents of the house are touched by the actor’s timely help. Vanaja Premkumar, the daughter of Chembakam says, “My mother was unwell and when she heard about the fire, she was in a state of shock and did not even know how to react. Riyaz’s son had informed us about the fire and when we rushed to the spot, we found him struggling to put out the fire. I was touched seeing that being an actor, he did not care about himself and managed to save the life of my mother. He is a real life hero for all of us.”
Actress Uma Riyaz Khan says, “At first, I was really worried when Riyaz rushed towards the fire but I was proud of him. Someone had to take the initiative and others will follow suit and in this case it was my husband. Even TV actress Maunika, who stays in the same street came in later with her brother to help out.”



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