“Say no to suicide” says 17-year-old girl!

Umme Haani Bagraswala

In a city that’s reporting teenage suicides by the day, Umme-Haani Bagraswala stands out as a beacon of hope. Last year, frustrated with being targeted by schoolmates, this 17-year-old was seriously considering suicide.

“I thought about it many times. Human beings have a saturation point in life, especially when they are depressed,” she says.
Her mother noticed her withdrawing into a shell, and showing signs of being depressed. That’s when her family and friends rallied around her, finding ways to keep her mind on the lighter side of life.

“Every time she was looking out of the window, I knew what she was thinking. I would find ways to distract her. She likes to sing, and is fond of shopping. She likes bangles, so I would make her count her bangles,” relates her mother Rashida.

“Mummy would divert my mind. I had two friends in school they told me I should trust myself,” adds Umme-Haani.

Today her smile belies the demons that once haunted her. She now plans to become a radio jockey, and already has a message for those listening…

“All I can say is that we should look at our life positively. Whatever the problem, we should tackle it head on.”

Here’s wishing her the best of luck.


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