The Beast Within – Living with Wild Animals!

Living with Wild Animals

* The Thai businessman who’s pet elephant rampages around his living room, following instructions, painting murals and washing the family car.

* The Colombian diver who loves the Caribbean so much he’s saved hundreds of sharks, dolphins and turtles which now circle his isolated island retreat.

* The Canadian environmentalist who shares a house with tame bears, monkeys and lynx.

* The Australian ex-circus owner who shares the family swimming pool with swimming tigers.

* The Thai women who live with endangered gibbons that create havoc in their home.

* The Minnesota mother who takes her tamed lemurs and coatamundis shopping and banking in the family car.

* The Miami zoo keeper who cares at home for a delightful orangutan which has cerebral palsy.

* The Tiger Monks who have raised 9 orphaned tigers since birth and now take them for a walk to a quarry where they play games with them and ride them like horses.


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