He aspired to become a reel hero but turned into a real hero!

He aspired to become a reel hero but turned into a real hero on Tuesday. U Narasimha was among the five who dared against all odds to rescue several patients and staff from the fire-engulfed Park Super Speciality Hospital at Somajiguda. A youngster who played different characters in movies like Bommarillu, Hyderabad Nawabs and Om Shanti, Narasimha played a crucial role in rescuing several persons trapped in the hospital. A resident of the locality, he rushed into the hospital the moment he came to know about the mishap. It was Suresh Reddy, Ranjith Kumar, N Bhaskar, U Narasimha and Nageshwar Rao who went inside the hospital when none dared to take the risk and helped save many lives. Bhaskar, a degree first year student of AV College, was going to his college with a friend when he saw the commotion at the hospital. He immediately swung into action. “We were on our way to college on a motorcycle when I saw the commotion and asked my friend to drive near the hospital. Realising the situation, I immediately went up the adjacent building and leapt onto the portico of the hospital,” Bhaskar told Expresso. From there, he entered the hospital and brought down some of those trapped inside. Suresh Reddy said fire engulfed the left portion of the building forcing all those trapped to go to the right side. They broke the glass facade and started screaming for help. Some people on the third floor tried to climb down using a sheet of cloth. “It was long enough to get them till second floor. From there they jumped down as five of us held a cloth banner like a net to ensure a safe landing for them,’’ he said. However, the banner didn’t last long and one woman got seriously injured when it tore off and she landed on the ground. The youngsters later brought another sheet of cloth from a 108 ambulance and the victims continued to jump down. Some were, however, lucky to land without any injuries. Later, the five youngsters entered the hospital along with Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Zone) Stephen Ravindra. “After reaching the first floor we were suffocated and came down. But the DCP went inside and reached the third floor. Meanwhile, we climbed the portico and tried to help the victims from there,’’ Narasimha said. On the DCP’s instruction, Suresh Reddy, who works in the nearby Yashoda hospitals, rushed oxygen cylinders inside and the patients in the emergency wards and their attendants were brought down. Many trapped on the second and third floors were moved to the first floor and from there made to jump down. Meanwhile, a woman raised an alarm about her 10-year-old girl getting trapped on the second floor. Ranjit Kumar scaled up the first floor through one of the windows and rescued the girl. “I suffered minor burns while bringing the girl down but I am happy for rescuing the victims,” Ranjit Kumar said.


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