Locals with a heart rescue injured dog in Shibpur

KOLKATA: Amid glaring instances of cruelty to animals, there are some good samaritans who still care. Residents of Howrah’s Kalikumar Mukherjee Lane on Saturday helped a stray dog, which had fallen into a roadside drain after a truck ran it over, crushing both its hindlegs.The stray had been groaning in pain in the drain since Friday midnight, when it met with the accident. On Saturday morning, some local residents spotted the dog lying in a drain. They tried helping him out, but did not know how to go about it. Whenever someone tried to reach out a helping hand, the dog would snap.Around 10 am, Amala Chatterjee, a student, called the fire brigade, which sent a fire tender to the spot an hour later. The firemen tried various means to rescue the dog. It was finally lifted out with the help of ropes. Later, local veterinary surgeon Pranab Chaudhury treated the injured animal by dressing the fractured legs and injecting a painkiller. A local resident has decided to keep the stray as his pet. “It was a rare experience rescuing a dog. Residents of the area showed that they are very conscious about animal welfare,” said a fire services officer.

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