A Star on the Horizon-Hashim Amla!

Hashim Amla

In a world where fame is all-pervading, it is heartening to come across a young man who cares not for fame, a young man grounded in his principles, a young man unassuming enough to just be himself. Meet Hashim Amla, a young South African man who made headlines last year when he was selected to play for the Proteas, the national cricket team.

Having his face splashed across the front page of every newspaper did nothing to dent the wholesome modesty this young man possesses.

Born in a small town north of Durban, Natal, Amla grew up playing outdoors under the South African sun “and getting sunburnt,” he laughs.

Sport played a huge role in these outdoor games. It was when he moved to DHS — a school renowned for its sporting and academic heritage — that Amla flourished. Sport was no longer just a childhood game — it was evolving into a career. Amla was chosen for the provincial team, Nashua Dolphins; captained the U-19 South African team; and was finally selected for the Proteas at the tender age of 21 — a position lauded by the press as well deserved.

But alas, after playing in only two test matches, he was dropped from the squad. Cries of racism resounded through the country. Amla, mature for his years and firm in his faith, succinctly says, “Although it was disappointing for me not to do as well as I wanted to, it was taqdeer. I had worked hard to get there, but Allah knows best. This belief helped me overcome the disappointment.”

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