Martin Luther King III terms his India visit as most inspirational

Martin Luther King III

Chennai, Feb 25 2009  : Martin Luther King III, presently in India to commemorate his father Martin Luther King’s visit to the country has termed his India tour as most inspirational.

He said this during his meeting with Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala here today.

“To get an opportunity to meet and interact with children of many communities has been a rewarding experience,” he said.

“To be in the country at this time, we trace the steps of my parents which 50 years ago. We are honoured to have the same opportunity, but to derive the inspiration and to have the opportunity to meet with the children of this community and many other communities throughout the country has been most rewarding and an opportunity that I will remember all my life,” he added.

Prominent American civil right activists and lawmakers including John Lewis, Congressman Spencer Bachus, Andrew Young and legendary jazz musician and Grammy winner Herbie Hancock are part of the delegation.

Martin Luther King Jr. had visited India between February 10 and March 10 in 1959, and the month-long tour to places associated with Mahatma Gandhi had left a positive impact for his crusade in the US. (ANI)


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