Britain’s bravest mum!

Stephanie Nuttall

Stephanie Nuttall was 32 weeks pregnant when her eldest son, Finlay, 20 months was diagnosed with a rare incurable cancer. Instead of crumbling, Stephanie threw herself into looking after Fin, taking him to chemo appointments but also making sure he still did fun little boy things.

In December 2008 Steph gave birth to another baby boy, Lachlan. But just a week later, a CT scan revealed Finlay’s cancer was getting worse and he was taken home to spend his last days surrounded by his family. In typical older brother style when Finlay first met Lachlan, he slapped him on the head!     

Sadly, Finlay died on 16th of February 2009. Stephanie’s response was a resolve to help the families of other cancer sufferers. So when Lachlan was just six months old, she gathered six of her best friends together to run the Race for Life in memory of Finlay – raising over £1000 for Cancer Research.          

Lachlan is now nearly a year old now. Steph is still on maternity leave and devotes two mornings a week volunteering as a Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, helping countless women. 

In the words of her husband Stuart, who nominated Steph for tonight’s award, ‘Stephanie truly is the strongest, bravest mum. Our family would be lost without her


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