Examinations success against odds!

Yasmeen Khan is the night school topper of SSC exams held in March 2008 with an aggregate of 553 marks just 4 marks less than the topped and secured 85.07% . She studied in the Urdu Medium Nazir High School situated in Sewri, Mumbai. She studied in her village Diora in Uttar Pradesh till class nine. After her 9th standard she took a break for one year due to personal reasons.

Amish Jaisinghani on his way to give his exams gave the bus conductor a slightly torn 50-rupee note, which resulted in an argument. At one of the stops, four bus conductors assaulted him twisting his left arm. He had to be immediately operated. He incurred an expenditure of Rs.80,000 which is yet to be reimbursed by MBBC. MBBC says they will issue a cheque as compensation. His father protested to Asst. Commissioner MBBC. Amish was ferried in a Sumo Jeep to the exam center to give his exams . His arm is still in a sling, as the two rods inserted in his left arm will be removed after 18 months. The conductor who created a scene in the bus has been suspended. Amish cleared the board exam with 54.3%.

Pranav Sheth passed with distinction – 83.7%. Pranav developed acute pain and was advised to immediately undergo an operation for appendicitis while the exams were on. The pain did not dither this young lad, he called in for a writer (his principal took special permission from the board) and gave his Geometry exam in the ambulance and scored 54 out of 60

Akshay Vithlani lost his father just an hour before he set out to give his SSC Exam on March 12. This young lad’s courage needs a salute as he went ahead to give his exams after the death of his father and passed out with 70%. He told his mother that first he will give his exams and return to perform the rituals .His father was admitted in the hospital just days before the exams started and Akshay would travel to and fro from hospital home, taking care of his father and studying with the little available time. His father had asked him not to give up the exam. He brought the corpse home and asked his family members not to touch the body till he returns back giving his exam. He performed the last rites and returned to study for the next day.

Manoj Singh was a regular student of Std. X six years ago. Today Manoj is 19 years old and is from R K HindiNight School and he is a Night School Topper with 86.15% with 149 out of 150 in Maths. He had left home in 2002 saying he is going to watch Dandiya but returned only after four years. He recollects he was working in some dhaba in UP for 2 years and the remaining two years he does not recollect anything. He suddenly remembered his parents and told the dhaba owner who helped him to reunite.

Sweta Shetty lost her father a day before her exams. He was a vada pav seller who got his stroke a fortnight before her exams, slipped in to a coma and died 14 days later. She went ahead with her exams and scored 72.3 % . It was not easy for her to study in the tiny house that she lived in with relatives and friends pouring in to pay their condolence. She had to sit in a corner in the kitchen hold her tears and continue with her studies. Her mother was smiling all the way when she spoke in English! Her elder sister is working as a teacher on contract basis and another sister is doing her teachers training.

Vikram Mistry An empty home was his company for one full year for a carpenter’s son Vikram Mistry who scored an impressive 83.4 % in his SSC Exams . He survived on the money his parents couriered him from the village and the donations that his principal arranged for him for his education and clothes. Towards the end of his IX standard exams his grandmother took seriously ill and his parents had to rush to their village. They returned back in April this year after the demise of the grandmother.

Source : http://www.indusladies.com/forums/mumbai-and-navi-mumbai/30143-the-real-heroes-and-heroines.html


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