Who will own the Moon’s water?



Moon's water

Nov 2009

ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said that the presence of water on lunar surface was detected by India’s own Moon Impact Probe (MIP) on Chandrayaan-I.

June 2010

A US-led team analysed the mineral apatite in lunar rocks picked up by the Apollo space missions and in a lunar meteorite found in North Africa. The scientists found that there was at least 100 times more water in the Moon’s minerals than they had previously believed.

So it means that water crises on Earth can be solved through Moon’s water and I know it’s too early to think about it but the question arises is how will world allocate the moon’s water if becomes available in future and who will manage & own the moon’s water?

Another question, Will it be provided free to the poor nations or on subsidies rates?

I wish it should not become a political issue further resulting in some sort of cold war and then actual war!!!

Any thoughts ??


One thought on “Who will own the Moon’s water?

  1. i gotta a thought..leave it ALL ALONE!! there’ is no water on the moon only traces of it’s exhistence…quit stretching yer brain to impossibilities. they have people looking i all directions but right here in front of our noses..now get real

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