Young Emily Bear Is A Piano Prodigy!

Emily Bear

Emily Bear, a 8 years old piano prodigy from Rockford, Illinois. Emily has been playing piano by ear since she was 2 years old.

She learned to play without sheet music, but is currently learning to read music with Emillio del Rosario at The Music Institute of Chicago. She is also studying jazz improvisation with Alan Swain.
This talented little lady has already played solos at different events. She even played with the famous  jazz musician Ramsey Lewis.
Emily made her orchestral debut in front of a capacity audience of 2500 people performing her original song, “The Love in Us” with members of The Orlando Symphony Orchestra at a private corporate event in April, 2008. She also played a complete Mozart concerto from memory with the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra.
It looks like Emily Bear has a very bright future ahead.
“I have so much music in my heart that it just falls out,” said Emily in an interview.

One thought on “Young Emily Bear Is A Piano Prodigy!

  1. wow that is amazing i play trumpet and want to learn to paly piano soon
    this child is amazing i would love to meet her

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