Daughter gives kidney to dad for Father’s Day!

A Seattle woman found the perfect Father’s Day gift for her father, but it requires great sacrifice.

She says her father is worth it. The father daughter relationship between Albert Behar and Lea Hanan is something to behold.

“My dad is a one in a million man, he gave me life, and he enriches my life every single day, he enriches the lives of my children,” says Lea Hanan.

He also enriches the lives of the children in Lea’s kindergarten class at Seattle Hebrew Academy. Albert has been a volunteer there for 11 years.

“I think it’s a matter of course of life that you want to give back,” says Albert Behar.

Its mantra Albert has taught to his adult children, and now Lea is acting on it.

A few years ago, during a routine checkup, Albert learned his kidneys were failing. The news caught the active 76-year-old by surprise.

“If you didn’t tell me I had a kidney problem, I wouldn’t know it,” says Behar.

When the time came, both Lea and her brother volunteered to be donors. Lea was a perfect match, except for one thing she had to lose weight. Through diet and exercise, she lost 34 pounds.

“She has approached the preparation to being a donor with a vengeance, she has been so dedicated,” says Behar of his daughter.

“A week and a half ago, I reached my goal weight for giving a kidney, so it’s been a blessing to me also,” says Hanan.

So the transplant is scheduled for a week after Father’s Day.

“It’s almost overwhelming from the standpoint of giving me an additional lease on life,” says Behar.

“I look at this man and what he’s given to me, and I really am looking forward to the day to come with excitement. Let’s get this show on the road!” says Hanan enthusiastically.

Albert Behar hopes his story will encourage others to get routine checkups. His transplant surgery will be Monday, June 28 at Swedish Medical Center.


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