The village girls chased the assailants!

Poonam and Suman, both girls in their early teens from a Rohtak village, did not care what the consequences might be.

The village girls chased the assailants (who had come to murder their uncle, a witness in a murder case) for over 100 metres, hit them and finally bludgeoned one of them to death.

Upon hearing the gunshots in the wee hours a few days ago, they ran outside their room to find their grandfather Sube Singh lying dead in a pool of blood, while their uncle Rajesh was injured. The assailants, Rakesh and Bittu, were taken aback on seeing these two girls deciding to take them on and fled in a hurry, but ended up getting caught by the girls. Though Bittu managed to escape, the other, Rakesh, was dragged down from their bike and killed.

Though the Haryana police have decided to give bravery awards to these two teenagers, they have not declared the amount of the reward. When DT visited their village Karontha, about 15 km from the district headquarters of Rohtak, the girls were in a state of shock – not by what they’d done, but by the fact that they lost their grandfather. The family was not in favour of talking to media, yet a close family friend, requesting anonymity, said, “The killers had come to murder Rajesh, who is a witness in an attempt-to-murder case. The girls chased them and managed to kill one of them.”

Asked who the claimant of the police reward should be, the girls indicating their grandmother, saying, “It should be given to her.” The people outside their home, said they’d done “a good job and have created much confidence in the heart of common villagers.”


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