10 Years Old calculates 200 sums in five minutes!

SURAT: A normal person would take a minute to do an addition and a subtraction sum of double digit figures. But 10-year-old Dhananjay Tulsiyani does it in a second and is known as a calculator among his classmates.

The class V student has developed an excellent grasp over mental arithmetic, which helps him to calculate faster than even a calculator. The little genius can calculate 200 sums of four digits in five minutes and 100 sums of addition or subtraction of four figures in two minutes.

“It is like witnessing a miracle when Dhananjay calculates and keeps writing the answers ceaselessly at the bottom of the sums,” mental arithmetic tutor Dipesh Desai said.

It is like the singing of breathless song by Shankar Mahadevan when he is doing mental calculation. He does not even use his fingers to count and his answers are like firing from a machine gun.

“He can finish 100 sums in less than two minutes, but it takes a minute more to solve the next 100 as the sums get harder. I am yet to see a child as fast as him in mental arithmetic,” Desai added.

Dhananjay is to participate in National Mental Arithmetic Championship’ slated to be held in Chennai on July 17. Subsequently, he will take part in international competition in Malaysia in November this year.

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