He takes joy in giving!

HUBLI: Gangadhar Perur, an orphan aged 15 years, cleans the tables in a hotel located in one of the narrow bylanes of Old Hubli area here to make the ends meet. But that has not stopped the illiterate from proving that charity only needs a big heart and not deep pockets.

In the last three years, Perur has donated at least 50 rice bags (50 kg each) to temples which hold mass-feeding programmes during Sharavana and Karthika, and Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

If he hears that some temple in the area is arranging a mass-feeding programme, he is the first to voluntarily offer rice bags. He has already donated rice to almost all the temples in Junglipet, Belamkar Oni, Akkipet and Hirepet. At times, he even goes to the extent of buying rice on credit, if he is short of money. Perur’s goodwill is such that his request for credit is never turned down.

Perur says his father, who was a sweeper with Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, is his inspiration, “He always said that the life of a human being will be complete when whatever he has is shared. Annadana is shreshtadana (serving food to the needy is supreme charity).” His parents died within a span of four years.

Perur, who earns Rs 2,000 a month, says his requirements are limited and so, he spends at least half of the amount on charity. “I just need two meals a day, which is taken care of by my employer. I give some money to my grandmother. Whatever I earn apart from this is used for charity.”

Shivanand Hosur, director of Basavanna Temple Trust Committee, says Perur stands apart from those philanthropists who make donations only after ensuring that they have enough for themselves.

Sadananda Raju, chairman of Gajana Utsava Samiti, praises Perur, saying he has realized the essence of life too early. Perur’s deeds have been acknowledged by the seers of various mutts.


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