Los Angeles rescue team risk own life to save dog!

Brave rescue!

A CHOPPER led by the firefighters in Los Angeles saved a dog who was struggling for survival while being trapped in a flooding river.

The animal rights activist are expressing great amount of gratitude on online forums, as soon as the news broke out. “This is an outstanding feat. The LA rescue teams are surely the bravest men in United States to have saved a defenseless creature who could not have survived without their help. Their effort is most commendable and an example setting achievement,” One of the animal welfare activist was quoted as saying.
The brave firefighter hoisted the dog to safety who had been struggling since an hour in the Los Angeles River. The task was not an easy one – the firefighter who was tied to a harness was lowered on the surface of the river, as he reached out and grabbed the dog from the water. He held the distressed animal firmly as the helicopter brought them to a nearby overpass.
LA fire spokesman Erik Scott told news agencies that over 50 firefighters sprung into action as soon as they heard the report of a dog in the storm-swollen river.

The dog tried to stay afloat for hours as rescue crews risked their own life to save the animal. The firefighter named Scott came down from the helicopter, wrestled with the frightened canine, wrapped a rope around it and lifted it to safety.


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