A HERO security guard in his 50’s who rescued a young boy from a knife-wielding kidnapper !

Brave man in his 50's - Mr.Tanveer Chaudry

A HERO security guard who rescued a young boy from a knife-wielding kidnapper on the ledge of a multi-storey car park, has been given a public bravery award.

Fifty-seven year-old Tanveer Chaudry was first on the scene to face down cabbie Zafran Hussain, 28, on top of Pendle Rise, Nelson.

Hussain had dragged the boy, who had learning difficulties, and his carer, who got away and went to find help, to the venue and climbed over safety railings.

Not only did Tanveer, of Montrose Street, Brierfield, manage to pull the child to safety, he then tackled the younger man.

He said: “I just thank God I had the courage to save that child and I am very proud of what I managed to do.

“I snatched the child away and then I held onto him.

“He was trying to stab me with his knife but I just held onto him.

“The police arrived and disarmed him a short time later.

“If he had carried on then the child could have fallen.”

Last night Tanveer, who has worked at Pendle Rise for two years, was presented with a public bravery award by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

His proud wife Riffad and nine-year-old son Mohammed accompanied Tanveer to the Manchester ceremony.

Hussain, of Atkinson Street, Colne, was jailed for six years at Burnley Crown Court last March after admitting kidnapping and weapons charges.

Passing sentence, Judge Beverly Lunt commended Mr Chaudry’s actions, saying: “Mr Chaudry is the reason he wasn’t hurt, not you. He saved him.”

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Dave Groombridge said: “I hate to think what might have happened if Mr Chaudry hadn’t intervened when he did.

“He deserves all the praise he was given in court and I am very impressed with the man.”


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