Top bravery award for life-saving west Cumbrian dog!

A brave west Cumbrian beagle who saved his family from a house blaze in west Cumbria appeared on breakfast television this morning, ahead of a national awards ceremony in London.

Jenny Barwise with Frodo

Frodo frantically barked to wake up his owner’s dad when fire swept through their home at St Bees, near Whitehaven, two years ago.

Smoke alarms in the house did not sound but Frodo’s yapping woke up David Barwise, who alerted his wife Annette and daughter Jenny and got them out of the house.

But Jenny’s partner Liam Towers was asleep in the living room, which was upstairs next to the kitchen where the fire started.

David was unable to get up the stairs as the flames were too hot but fearless Frodo ran through the flames and jumped on Liam to wake him up and led him to safety.

The life-saving dog, who was hailed a hero by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, has now been awarded with the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) Gold Medal, which is the highest award for civilian animal bravery and the equivalent to the George Cross.

He will be presented with his medal today at the Tower of London, by Princess Alexandra, the patron of the PDSA.


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