Spain’s David Villa: From Amputation To Glory!

The summer of 2010 has so far been a good one for David Villa. Having secured a move to Barcelona back in May, the world cup in South Africa has seen David Villa enhance his reputation and proved why Barcelona were prepared to fork out over £30million to get their man.

Top scorer of the 2008 European Championships with four goals, David Villa has already surpassed that number in South Africa and is now the clear odds on favourite to claim the Golden Boot. With strike partner Fernando Torres misfiring; Villa has all but led the Spanish attack single handedly, scoring 5 of Spain’s 6 goals so far.

It could however been all so different for both Villa and Spain. As a young child Villa suffered such a serious leg break that at one point doctors feared they may have to amputate. Having spent 40 days in hospital and leaving with one leg 2cm shorter than the other, many people may have given up on playing sport for good. Not Villa.

Instead of hindering his developing football career, the break to the right thighbone has ironically made him two footed player that he is today. With the right out of action for a while, Villa with the help of his dad was forced to use his left and is now equally competent with both. Villa said of his dad:

“He would be there throwing me the ball over and over, making me kick it with my left leg when my right was in plaster after breaking it, I was four. I can barely remember a single training session when my dad wasn’t there. I have never been alone on a football pitch.”

Possible amputation to World Cup glory would be a dramatic turnaround for Villa. Spain will forever be indebted to Villa’s surgeon for saving their future world cup dreams.

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