A limbless Indian boy’s story of grit and courage!

 Mumbai lad aced his school-leaving exams writing with his leg.

Rajesh Laxman Pille

June 17 morning, cwas a tad nervous. The monsoon had arrived in Mumbai. Just a day ago Rajesh, like all soccer-crazy kids in Mumbai, had played a match of soccer with his friends, knowing that life after June 17 may not be the same again.

Like thousands of students who had written their school-leaving exams in Mumbai, Rajesh too was awaiting his results.

At around 3 pm, one of the teachers at SUPPORT (Society Undertaking Poor People’s Onus For Rehabilitation), a non-governmental organisation that rehabilitates Mumbai street children, told him he had secured 71.82 percent.

Rajesh, who has no hands, had written all his papers algebra, geometry, science and technology, English, Hindi, Marathi, history and geography by holding pen, pencil, and the geometric compass by the toes of his left leg.

That he plays soccer (his favorite is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who he desperately wants to meet), carom and chess, though incidental, is amazing too.

Overnight, Rajesh went from oblivion to limelight



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