Inspirational True Life Story– Kiran Bedi!

Our Very respected Mrs.KIRAN BEDI

This Inspirational True Life Story deals about the life of a person who is well known in Indian and around the world for her courage and strategies.

Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the Indian Police Services in 1972, who was also a former Asian women’s lawn tennis champion, an extraordinary academician, author, speaker and activist, winner of the Magsaysay Award(also called the Asian Nobel Prize), the first woman to become Police advisor to head the Civilian Police Division in the United Nations Department to Peace keeping Operations.

When, in the ’90s, she was transferred to Tihar—Asia’s most notorious jail—she transformed the vice-den into something like an ashram, introducing meditation and literacy programmes. Her Tihar work won her the Magsaysay Award in 1994. It was this stint in Tihar jail has secured her place in the history of policing as a pioneer, for her extra ordinary reforms that she carried out for the inmates of Tihar Jail.

No one can also forget the courage she displayed in handling the Punjab separatist movement when she single-handedly fought sword-brandishing sikh militants. It is her actions and motivational speeches that have triggered lot of young girls to look Indian Police Services as a career choice.

If today we are able to see lot of young girls entering Military services and Police services, the true credit would definitely go to KIRAN BEDI.

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