Negative people have less friends, less money and less happiness!

Why The Long Face?

The mere fact that Negative Thinking hints at a predetermined method of thought is itself enough to ring alarm bells, but negativity can create so much more damage than just a closed mind.

Positivity has been proven to keep one’s attitude fresh and your mind open and receptive.

On the other hand being a beacon of misery has been shown to keep your mind blocked off from alternatives and logical possibilities, while you dwell on negativity.

A Destructive Habit

Negative people have less friends, less money and less happiness, they also suffer from a greater range of physical and mental ailments than their more positive contemporaries.

This dangerous negativity can snow ball into a worse, self destructive state of mind, one that can have far reaching implication on one’s self and society.

When you develop the attitude that “the world is bad”, you can give up both physically and mentally on life, even worse this “auto pilot” existence can lead to intellectual apathy and social decline.

The Intellectual Obstacle

Negative thinking can place your mental state in a vulnerable and malleable disposition, one in which the worse kind of mind can develop, such as a racist, sexist and bigoted based mindset.

Such blocked views can and will eventually lead to the sort of ignorance that is never shown by intellectual individuals.

Truly cerebral thought processes must undergo critical evaluations, but a predisposed negative mind can not make unbiased decisions of course, because of it’s existing predeterminations.

“Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life?”

So, is looking on the bright side the answer? – Yes and No.

Maintaining a positive outlook is a launching pad to happiness and a catalyst for much needed “action”, but warning signs of impending danger should never be treated with an attitude of positive denial.

Positivity can keep a mind open and attentive, but should be armed with an element of caution as well. Positive thinkers can also become a fraction delusional. Thinking an early sign of skin cancer can be negated with a little positivity and a lot of denial can be a fatal, non-intellectual method of decision making.

Be positive, be happy, but hold some elementary level of caution or you may end up suffering for your well intended ignorance. 

Negative Thinking – Geographical?

Some studies have shown that some demographics are more negative than other, some of these are locational. Areas that are cloudy and have a higher, regular rainfall have been shown to have populations that display a more “gloomy” outlook than those who inhabit more temperate climates.

People who are financially more secure show higher levels of happiness than those who display lower level incomes.

You don’t have to become victim of a negative, trapped mind. If you have awareness and inclination you can overcome inherent factors and apply positive, rational thought processes and negate any environmental influences that might hinder your intellectual development.

Positive Mindset – Your Attitude

Ultimately, you are in control of your direction and your greatest tool is your attitude.

The right mindset can propel you forward with effort and desire. As long as you have control of your physical and mental existence, you can apply the necessary actions to block out negative thinking traits, replacing them with positive, intelligent and critical evaluations.

Negativity can bring you ignorance, poverty, sadness and sickness, but intellectual based positivity can bring you intelligence, health, happiness and health.
I know which side of that fence I want to stand on, how about you?

Negative Thinking By Stephen G


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