50 Inspiring Life Quotes!

Inspiring life quotes can change your life. The inspiring life quotes can give you power, inspiration, motivation and strength to take the big step in your life. Inspiring life quotes were shared by people who managed to achieve something remarkable in their life and who have reached a point that their sayings can influence other people. The society is a live body. We are dependent on it, but it depends on us. Inspiring life quotes have the power to influence you and society. Also, inspiring life quotes can help improve our lives, if we think differently and look at problems from a different perspective.

This article presents a selection of 50 inspiring life quotes both from famous and anonymous people.

1. I say thank you to everyone who told me NO. This is why I managed to reach where I am (AL. AISTAIN)

2. What most people really want is someone to listen, to respect and understand them. When they realize that you understand them, they are motivated to understand your viewpoint.

3. In Kyudo (Japanese archery) you do not aim to find the target. You must find the right attitude, the right steps. The arrow goes to the target itself.

4. The day will dawn, either you get up or not. (John Gardi)

5. Act as if everything depends on you. While you do it and when you finish, to pray because everything depends on God.

6. The battles are won by people who know how to withstand.

7. The neighbour’s cow makes more milk from our own.

8. The harmony builds houses and the precipitate destroys them.

9. Hands who work never cadge.

10. Those who have faith they will be given more. (Bible)
11. To be successful in life you need to have the dream of the director, not the crank of the actor.

12. The work does not need trouble, but way

13. You can recognize an artist from this job.

14. You will never know how many believe that you will succeed. It is important that you believe it your self.

15. We do not appreciate enough what we obtain very easily.

16. We are working to achieve not to acquire. (ELBERT HYBBARD)

17. My only desire is freedom so that I can deal with what I like.

18. You should save your time and spend it where you must spend it, because otherwise less time will be available to be spend where it should be spend. (PERIANDROS)

19. Do you Love life? Then do not spent time, because this is from where life is made.

20. Life is more quality than quantity.

21. Courage is resistance to fear, domination over the fear, not absence of fear.

22. One step is enough to change your life.

23. Take risks! All life is a risk. Those who succeed in life are those who are willing to dare. The boat that goes for sure never goes far away from the coast.

24. The best results are often accompanied by equally large risks.

25. Life is too short to be miserable.

26. Some of us look like trolleys. We are useful only when we are pushed and we are easily reversed. (JACK Harvey)

27. The most underdeveloped region in the world is the soul of man.

28. The man who can control himself can control others.

29. The man who always looks back never goes forward.

30. We can more be useful to society by correcting our own mistakes, rather than trying to correct the mistakes of others.

31. In your personal relations you should consider other people to be wise as Socrates and strong as Hercules.

32. There are two types of communications: one with words that is expensive, especially if you make it over the phone, and one with no words that worth’s a fortune.

33. The good thing is contagious as evil.

34. The wound created by the language is much more profound than that caused by the knife. Because the knife injures the body, while the language injures the soul. (PYTHAGORAS)

35. You live only once, but if you manage your life right, once is sufficient. (Joe LOUIS)

36. When you give yourself the permission to lose, you are lead to a certain defeat.

37. The minds and parachutes work best when open.

38. People do not react to the idea of change, but in their own change from someone else.

39. True happiness is when you try the best for yourself.

40. I do not want to become better than anyone. I want every day to be better than yesterday.

41. The more you offer, the more you get back. (GOUAIIN NTYER)

42. There is a huge lie – that we have limits. The only limits we have are those who believe. (GOUAIIN NTYER)

43. Money – like health, love, happiness and all the other things you want for your self – is the result of a life with purpose. It is not an end in itself. (GOUAIIN NTYER)

44. Your personality is not given by your culture or your family. It is created by your. (GOUAIIN NTYER)

45. Do not ask for anything and you will get a lot! (GOUAIIN NTYER)

46. The destiny of man is his character. (HRAKLEITOS)

47. The most enjoyable thing in life is to do a good deed in secret, and someone to discover it by accident. (TSARLS Pubs)

48. People who do not help other people, it is impossible to feel happy. (ARISTOTLE)

49. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. Allow yourself to do it.

50. Experience is the name that everyone gives to his mistakes. (OSCAR WILDE)

The above 50 inspiring life quotes can help you see life with a different perspective and make you think how you want to approach your own life.


One thought on “50 Inspiring Life Quotes!

  1. HOOAH! I love this post. I couldn’t have said it better. I especially liked “the man who looks back never goes forward”. Awesome!

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