Solar Tsunami Pointed at Earth!

A rare event that scientists have dubbed a “solar tsunami” is supposed to arrive Wednesday morning. Two solar storms are shooting tons of plasma towards Earth after a gargantuan eruption on the surface of the sun.

ABC 7 News - 'Solar Tsunami' Pointed at Earth

“The solar tsunami is actually a phenomenon that has been observed on the sun — and it rolls across the sun’s surface,” said Dr. Arik Posner with NASA (web | news) .
Tons of plasma are blasting directly toward Earth at a million miles per hour. Their first wave is expected to arrive very early Wednesday morning.

It is expected to create a spectacular show for folks further north who may catch a glimpse dazzling waves of red and green lights.

While we won’t see it there is a remote chance we could feel its effects. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there’s a very slim chance it could affect power grids and satellites.

“Things like GPS — I can’t drive in these streets without it!” said Bryce Nielson.

NASA scientists downplay that threat, calling this nothing more than a mild solar storm that just happened to be directed right at Earth.


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