Is Your Life Busy? Leave the Work to TaskRabbit

Is your life busy? Leave the work to TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a new website that allows users to list small jobs or tasks online for runners to complete for a small price.

The website is best used for small Goodwill drop-offs, IKEA furniture assembly, airport rides, grocery runs and tons more other tasks.

The four easy steps of TaskRabbit:

1. Sign up and post. When you post a task, you’ll describe it, indicate when it needs to be done and set the price you will pay.

2. A runner will contact you if he wants to help. They may accept your price or counter with a price they believe is appropriate.

3. Your runner does your task. If your runner pays for anything while doing your task (like groceries they pick up for you), you can reimburse them through TaskRabbit.

4. Once the task is complete and you have paid, you rate them to indicate your level of satisfaction.

Checkout the cool new site for youself:

TaskRabbit – How it Work!


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