Extraordinary People From Around the World!

1          Chiune Sugihara         Japan

Risked everything to help thousands of Lithuanians escape through Russia and Japan as the Nazis came closer and closer to invading their country.

2          Muhammad Yunus     Bangladesh

Created a banking system allowing poor people to borrow money for starting a small business so they can lift themselves out of poverty.

3          Margie Richard         US

Pollution fighter who took on Shell Oil Company in Louisiana after they destroyed her community.

4          Winnie Mabaso          South Africa

Her heart went out to the many orphans in her neighborhood and their families. She and her neighbors formed an organization to help them and others.

5          Jesús León Santos

Mexico Made barren land green again; organized farmers to improve agricultural methods.

6          Wangari Maathai       Kenya

Organized communities to improve their lives by planting trees and reclaiming the soil and water; worked for democracy and peace .

7          Sompop Jantraka       Thailand

Works with families and communities to keep families from sending their girls to a life of prostitution and slavery.

8          Inderjit Khurana        India

Brings education to children in slums around railroad stations, enabling them to escape the cycle of poverty .

9          Karen Tse      United States

Establishes legal rights systems in emerging democracies, so people don’t get forgotten once they are thrown in jail.

10        Fabio Rosa     Brazil

Passionate advocate for bringing electricity and its benefits to the millions of poor in this world who are still without electricity.

11        Sabriye Tenberken    Germany

A blind woman who is empowering and creating educational opportunities for the blind, starting with a training center in Tibet, a region where people used to hide their blind children.

12        Bunker Roy    India

Established “Barefoot Colleges” all over India run and staffed by villagers. At these colleges, illiterate villagers gain expertise they need to bring solar energy and other technology to their communities, so they can “develop themselves.”

13        Iqbal Masih    Pakistan

Forced at age 4 to start making rugs under terrible conditions in order to pay back a family debt, Iqbal managed to escape at age 10. In the 3 years he lived after his rescue, he repeatedly risked his life to help free other children. He also inspired many people, including some 7th-graders in the US who have raised over $350,000 to build schools all over the world.

14        Patricia Guerrero       Colombia

She and other Colombian women displaced by internal conflict have built a city for themselves, and have tirelessly fought for over 10 years to get sexual assault as weapon of war recognized as a violation of human rights.

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