Baby nicknamed Superman survives 18 feet window fall unscathed!

A baby boy has been nicknamed Superman after he survived an 18 feet fall from a first floor window unscathed.

Jayden Douglas plunged from his bedroom window in Musselburgh, but escaped without a single broken bone after landing on a pile of rubbish and empty cardboard boxes in his garden.

The 18-month-old is believed to have climbed out of his cot on his window sill. However, his mum Tammie Thomson had left the window ajar in the hot weather, meaning Jayden was able to topple out.

Baby nicknamed Superman survives 18 feet window fall unscathed

The 18-year-old said she thought he was safely in his bed when she was alerted to his fall by a loud noise.

Tammie told STV News: “I’d just put Jayden up to bed and I’d put a lasagne in the cooker. I was sitting watching tele and I heard a loud bang so I went through to the kitchen thinking it was the lasagne in the oven.

Then I heard Jayden screaming so I ran up the stairs and I realised he wasn’t in his cot. The curtains were open and the bedroom window was wide open so I knew there was something wrong.

“I ran to the window and saw he was downstairs in the garden. He was crawling across the back of the garden and he was in pain, he was screaming. So I quickly ran downstairs, opened the back door and grabbed him and ran into the house.

“I rang my mum to tell her what had happened and she told me to call an ambulance right away and they were here in seconds. They came in and checked him and then we went to hospital.”

Amazingly, doctors found the youngster had escaped his plunge entirely unscathed and he was discharged from hospital following a full round of X-rays and tests.

The family now believes the youngster was saved by a pile of rubbish, including a large empty box which had housed a widescreen television.

Tammie said the rubbish had been lying there since she moved into the property, but had been due to be moved shortly before the toddler’s accident on Sunday.

She said: “My mum was going to clear the boxes and the rubbish at the weekend but she hadn’t done it. It was good that they were still there or it would have been something worse that could have happened.

“I think it’s amazing that he’s not hurt in any way at all. I mean, he didn’t even have a scratch or a bruise on him. We were very lucky.

“I still feel sick thinking about it now, but very relieved.”

Tammie’s house was cordoned off by police who carried out an examination of the scene following the accident.

A spokesman said: “Lothian and Borders Police responded to an address in Denholm Avenue, Musselburgh, around 8pm on July 18 following reports that an 18-month-old baby boy had fallen from a window to the ground four metres below.

“The child was taken to the Sick Kids hospital for examination but had sustained no injuries and was kept in for observation. Inquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.”


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