Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi-Love story

Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi

Sonia Mino was born & brought up in the Italy, raised as Roman Catholic. She meet Rajiv Gandhi at Cambridge University.

Their courtship lasted 3 years & then they decided to get married. I feel the need to get in to Rajiv Gandhi’s brain for that period, did he misunderstand his home town for some reason? Did he forget he is from India and not USA. Ha…..Think he had a temporary memory loss.

He had enough reasons to decide against her rather than in her favor. So what if the courtship was for 3 years, break-ups is not a new thing to world. People break away 10 years of relationship, marriage, run away from their responsibility.

He would have decided to call off the courtship, which is a normal trend across world. Youngster fall in love and suddenly one day out of the blue, they get the wisdom about ill effects of love marriage. It would have been easy for Rajiv Gandhi to follow the trend……..but he did something against all odds. He married Sonia Mino. I can give my take as why we would have ended their relationship.

1) The stakes were too high. Knowing India & been from a Political background, he would have realized his act would ruin the political carrier of his mother. Indian people have a tendency to vote for anything that is traditional……or which represents their culture.

2) Incase if Indira Gandhi didn’t agree? Indian people have a habit of saying,”All celebrities are used to cross-culture, they can do anything for fame” If that was true ideally Indira Gandhi should have married her son to a village girl instead of a westernized one. That would have got her lot of vote.

3) India’s divorce rate is v less as compared to Italy. For Indians all white people belong to the same country & they have a higher divorce rate. What if after certain period, Sonia Gandhi would command a divorce? It would have spoiled Rajiv Gandhi’s political career.

Sonia Gandhi managed all her odds very well. She managed to stay in the marriage, gracefully inherited the political carrier which she didn’t wanted to with 2 major heart burns (death of her mother-in-law & husband).I strongly feel Rajiv Gandhi’s huge contribution in aligning Sonia Gandhi in Indian Culture, yet maintaining her own identity.

She might have not encountered  a Hindu-culture in her vicinity during  her up-bringing. Yet she did manage well to settle down in the culture. The way she carries herself with the 6-yard Saree is seamless. How many Indian politicians have you seen wearing a Saree so gracefully? None in my opinion…..

After assassination of Mother-in-law & Rajiv Gandhi, average women would have left this country. She lost her husband to a country which is not her’s, that too for a reason which is beyond her understanding. Because she married to a Man from different religion, left her hometown, got customized to his culture, and here her husband gets assissinated for a religion issue.

What worse can India give her? But she still serves the same country , striving a better future of the country men.

She represents women’s strength to forgive, except & go ahead with time. I appreciate her dedication to her caste till date & to give her children a blend of both cultures. A person’s caste cannot be changed because he/she is born with it. She has done what was accepted out of her & this can only be possible by a person who is great by her deeds.

Forget about likes and dislikes. They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness but it is greatness.”

Source : By Pradnya Deshmukh on http://pradnyadeshmukh8.wordpress.com/2009/11/30/love-story-rajiv-gandhi-and-sonia-gandhi/


3 thoughts on “Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi-Love story

    1. What inspiration, when she found out that RG is the son of Prime Minister of India, she immediately fall in love. What RG has done in Indian once he become prime minister i.e lutto is desh ko…wah re inspiration.

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