Meet the world’s youngest matriculate – An Indian!

Children’s day is all about celebrating the innocence of childhood. But every now and then the little ones amaze you with extra- ordinary talent.

It is just another day at St Meera’s Intermediate College in Lucknow, but the only thing out of place could be eight-year-old Sushma Verma.

Unlike other children of her age who would be studying in the class 4, Sushma is in the 11th standard.

This child prodigy created a world record of sorts when she cleared her 10th board exams when she was just seven years and three months old.

Sushma is now officially the world’s youngest matriculate.

“My class mates and my teachers help me a lot. Even at home my brother helps me,” says Sushma.

“The whole country should bless her. She has made us proud,” says Sushma’s father, T B Verma.

The daughter of a peon, Sushma’s talent to learn first came into focus because of her ability to read the Ramayana when she was just two years old.

She is presently studying at St Meera’s on a full time scholarship, where was first enrolled into the 9th class when she was just six-years-old.

“I was surprised at how she could solve the fractions sums of class 10 standard,” says Principal, St Meera’s School, Anita Ratra.

Today Sushma attends the 11th class with classmates who are much older without any problems whatsoever.

“I used to feel a little awkward earlier but since I started getting help from others I feel good now,” says Sushma.

And after clearing the all important matriculate examination, Sushma has set her sights on becoming a doctor and on this Children’s Day our best wishes are with this little genius.


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