Briton sets world record by spending 114 days with snakes

A British man is said to have created a new world record by spending 114 days in a tiny room with 40 dangerous snakes, including three snouted cobras.

According to ‘The Sun’, 45-year-old David Jones, a professional carpenter, has spent four months locked in the 5m x 4m sealed room with two black mambas, two green mambas, seven bloomsang, 27 puff adders and the three cobras.

He has lived, slept and eaten in the deadly enclosure since May, surpassing the current 113 day world record today. He plans to leave the enclosure next week.

“Its great to beat the record today. 114 days is a new world record. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long, long time. It’s not sinking in that I am almost there yet and I am just trying to stay calm and alive.

“It’s just taught me so much about snakes and I have even more respect for them than before,” David said.

In fact, his four month adventure has made David the only European, non-snake handler to hold the world record for living continuously with dangerous snakes.

Previous record holder, South African Natie Swart, was bitten three times, twice by puff adders and once by a snouted cobra in 2009. He survived but was left with permanent damage to his leg.

David said: “I haven’t been bitten yet but I have had a couple of close shaves. I was mistaken for dinner by a black mamba, who sat in my lap, I looked down and saw she was ready to strike. So I just moved her very slowly, and very calmly, if I screamed, I’d have been bitten.”

David has had a life long love affair with snakes, ever since he kept them as a boy. His four-year-old son Toby looks set to follow in his dad’s footsteps and is begging for a snake of his own, while wifeJane thinks he’s mad.

But he said: “She’s still talking to me. Toby thinks it’s cool and I’m missing them lots. I want to show them that snakes aren’t vicious, you can live with them. I already loved snakes but I’ve even more admiration for them now.”

He even manages to forgive them when he finds them sitting on his toilet, in the middle of the night. “I just use a hook and gently lift them off. But it can be bit surprising to find a Cobra on the loo,” he said.


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