Kid calls cops as Tom kills Jerry

The Delhi Police control room receives all sorts of calls but a call on Monday left them dumbfounded. “Hello. This is Saurav (name changed). I am at home alone and my friend has been shot,” a eight-year-old kid shouted in the phone. Alarmed, the PCR acted fast. It relayed the news to the Karawal Nagar police station and cops rushed to the house in A Block from where the call had come.

But when the cops reached the spot, they were in for a shock. “The kid sat calmly on the sofa, watching a cartoon channel. He said he made the call because his best friend was shot. We later realized he was talking about Jerry, the mouse in Tom & Jerry show, which was shot by his nemesis Tom,” said a senior police officer.

The cops took it all in good humour. “The child had no ill-intention. He told us his teacher has taught them to stand up against evil and call up 100 so that the police can take proper steps and stop wrongdoings,” said a police officer.

Cops added that when they inquired, they were told this boy is counted among the best in his class. “He told us that he studies in class 3 in a private school in the K block. We had a long chat with him. We are not going to take any action against either the boy or his parents. In fact, we are happy that the kid showed faith in us,” said the officer.

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2 thoughts on “Kid calls cops as Tom kills Jerry

  1. good post … there r two things in it now … one that the child is aware that if something goes wrong where he is suppose to call … second its alarming coz child is too involved .. parents should talk to their kid and make him aware of reality and fiction… otherwise the results can be disastrous.. thanks for postin…

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