Air-born miracle baby has trash landing in bin bag

Nurses attend to a newborn baby found inside the lavatory of an airplane on Sunday, at Manila's international airport. Photo: AP.As trash was carried from a plane that had just landed at Manila’s airport, a security officer on the tarmac spied something moving in one of the bags. He opened it, sifted through the rubbish and found a newborn baby wrapped with tissue paper and covered in blood.

“The baby was left for dead. It was already bluish in colour,” airport press officer Connie Bungag said. “He could have died in a matter of minutes if he was not found.”

The three kilogram boy was among refuse unloaded by cleaners of a Gulf Air plane after its arrival yesterday from Bahrain, airport officials said.

The infant — still attached to the placenta — was taken to an airport clinic, where doctors and nurses cleaned him, gave him a checkup, wrapped him in cloth and mittens and warmed him under a light bulb, airport doctor Maria Teresa Agores said.

“He was healthy, his vital signs were OK,” nurse Kate Calvo said.

Airport officials collected money to buy the baby clothes and milk, and as he fed from a bottle, the baby cried softly, Calvo said.

Airport workers also gave him another basic need — a name. They called him George Francis after Gulf Air’s code name GF.

The mystery baby was later turned over to social welfare officers assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Airport police said they were trying to locate one female passenger whose seat near the plane’s toilet was stained with blood. Officials got her name from the plane’s manifest and it appeared to be Filipino.

In Dubai, Gulf Air said it had launched an internal inquiry into the incident. The airline provides service throughout the Middle East.

“Our main priority is the welfare of the mother and baby,” the airline said in an e-mailed response to questions. “We are currently working with the local authorities in the Philippines to help them locate his mother as soon as possible.”

The story evoked pity and outrage around the world as Philippine authorities worked today to identify a mother who apparently gave birth on a commercial flight and abandoned the child in a trash bin on the plane.

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