Buying a home? Groffr can get you a BIG discount!

GrOffr is derived from ‘GRoup OFFeR’ and  mission is to promote the concept of group buying which helps both the buyer (availing higher discounts) and the seller (inventory moves fast!).
Deals in the ‘real deals’ — real estate, automobiles, electronics—where they aggregate demand for the product and get discounts which a single buyer would have difficulty in negotiating generally!

Typically, they run group deals which are time bound in nature. However, they will be happy to help through relationships and negotiation skills whenever clients have a group of buyers for a particular product. They can get in touch with them to Suggest a deal.
Till date they have saved a lot of money for our customers, or the other way of looking it is that they helped them make money!!! 
GrOffr is owned by ICSPL, which is based out of Mumbai.
Management Profiles
Sandeep Reddy
Sandeep handles the strategy function and deal sourcing for GrOffr. He brings with him a strong background in financial services. He has spent 3 years covering real estate as an analyst at Kotak Institutional Equities. He has an in-depth knowledge of the Indian real estate sector and has extensive relationships across developers in India. He has done his MBA from IIM Kozhikode in 2006 and BE (Civil Engg.) from Delhi College of Engineering in 2003.
Vikhyat Srivastava
Vikhyat handles the deal sourcing, execution and technology verticals at GrOffr. He has spent 4 years funding real estate companies (including residential, commercial and warehousing) while he was a part of Kotak Real Estate Private Equity Fund. This exposure has given him not only deep insight into real estate cycles, financing and practices but also extensive contacts with the developers, banks, funds as well as broker community. He is a computer science graduate with a patent and 7 published papers (international journals) in his name. He’s also an MBA from IIM Kozhikode.
C Ashok
Armed with his Go-Getter attitude and boundless energy, he is the main force behind deal execution. He brings in more than 8 years of experience in consultancy. He has wide range of experience in handling prominent Indian and Middle East clients market. He has been a turn-around expert in his last two companies with solid business development skills and proven team building and leading expertise.
Raghav Pandurlikar
If you like the site (or if you don’t!), then he is the man behind it! He possesses more than 6 years of experience in website development and internet technologies. His prior stints include and PHI Creativity. He’s an avid trekker and loves listening to Bollywood music.

 Source : Groffr website

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