Beaten & bruised, woman fights off snatchers on bike

NEW DELHI: When Komal Pahilajani, 42, wife of the CEO of  Suzlon Wind Energy , Sunil Pahilajani, is not working at the State Bank of India’s Green Park branch, she is the perfect housewife. However, on Wednesday the capital found a new braveheart in her.

She was returning to her home in Safdarjung Enclave from work around 5.30 pm when she was suddenly assaulted by two bike-borne men, a common affair in a city that claims to be on high alert because of the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

However, unlike many others, this mother of two — she has a son and a daughter — held on to her attacker even after she was repeatedly hit on her head and face with a revolver butt.

Her courage paid off as the accused fell off the bike and was nabbed by several passers-by.

They beat him up so badly that the man, Rashid, had to be admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Centre in a critical condition.

The incident happened near Aashlok Hospital in A1 block of Safdarjung Enclave. According to Komal’s statement to the police, she was barely 70 metres from her residence when two bikers approached her from behind. ”The pillion rider grabbed my arms and then pulled me. He then snatched my gold chain. As he tried snatching my bag, I caught hold of him and did not let go. Taken by surprise, he took out his countrymade revolver and threatened me,” she said in her statement.

The drama though was far from over. According to cops, Rashid then began hitting the woman with his revolver. ”She has received stitches on her forehead and there are several wounds on her face. In the scuffle that ensued, Rashid fell off the bike. Taken unawares by this unexpected turn of events, his accomplice fled, leaving Rashid behind. He was surrounded by passers-by and beaten up severely before being handed over to the police,” said the investigating officer.

While Komal’s purse has been recovered, her gold chain is missing. Cops said that they have ”definite” leads on the other accused and will arrest him in the ”next few hours”. Komal’s husband, Sunil, is expected to return to Delhi late in the night from Bangalore. The police said Komal was rushed to Aashlok Hospital where she received stitches and was later discharged. The police said they are considering giving her a reward for her act of bravery.


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