They braved bullets to resist teasers

SHYAMNAGAR (North 24 Parganas): Bravehearts Amit Ghosh (22) and Biswajit Kar (32), who risked their lives to save a woman from the clutches of eve-teasers at Shantiniwas Palli in North 24-Parganas’ Shyamnagar on Wednesday evening, have no regrets.

“We will react similarly should we come across somebody in trouble yet again. One can’t stand and watch while a criminal misbehaves with a woman,” said Kar who missed death by a whisker after a 9 mm pistol slug aimed at him, passed clean through the folds of his shirt and got embedded in the ground.

A shot fired at Ghosh also missed its mark but the 22-year-old was thrashed and stabbed by them. He is now recuperating at home with 16 stitches on his head and a deep stab injury to his right arm.

The criminals, residents of the nearby Wahbeli area, were harassing a 20-year-old nursery school teacher when the two youths intervened.

“It happened around 3.30 pm on Wednesday. I was chatting with my friends on the playfield next to the nursery school where the woman teaches. She was walking back home (which is close by), when a man in his 40s started following her. When he got close, he started pulling her hand. He was joined by a youth. The woman cried out for help and ran towards us,” Ghosh said.

Ghosh and his friends told the two men to leave the girl alone, but they kept harassing the teacher. Ghosh and his friends then walked slapped the man in his 40s.

“The man then turned his attention to us. He dared us to remain at the spot for 10 minutes till he returned with others,” Ghosh added. After the crooks left, he and the others hailed a rickshaw and sent the woman home.

Neither Ghosh nor his friends had the slightest inkling of what was in store. Before long, the two men returned with 15-20 youths, all of them armed with firearms and daggers. Ghosh and his friend Gautam Das watched as another 50-60 youths assembled there soon. The two were joined by Kar.

“They pointed guns at us. Before we could react, I heard a shot. I fell to the ground and was kicked, punched and dragged around. Somebody stabbed me in the arm while another smashed the butt of a pistol on my head,” Ghosh said.
It seems that Ghosh owes his life to Kar. “A criminal was pointing his pistol at Ghosh’s chest. I pulled Ghosh back, moments before he pulled the trigger. The bullet missed by a fraction of an inch. One of them then shot at me. By the grace of God, the bullet passed clean through the folds of my shirt and hit the ground,” Kar said.

By then, locals like Kamal Majumder and Rajesh Bhattacharya had reached the spot. They pleaded with the criminals to let go of Ghosh and Kar. As more locals appeared, the gang left. Ghosh was first taken to the Bhatpara State General Hospital from where he was released on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, the entire locality spoke out against the criminals and police inaction. “The miscreants are residents of nearby Wahbeli. Most of them are goons and possess guns like single-shotters and 9 mm pistols. For the past 3-4 months, they have been burgling homes and robbing people in the neighbourhood. They believe they can get away with anything. We have informed the police on a number of occasions but no steps have been taken. We are united and will continue to protest whenever some wrong-doing takes place,” a resident of Deshbandhunagar — where Ghosh and Kar live — said.

The woman who was targeted by the criminals is extremely traumatised and has decided to skip school for some time. “My daughter is very soft-spoken. She is extremely traumatised. It will take some time for her to recover completely,” her mother said.

Police claimed to have detained a number of people from the area mentioned but have not succeeded in tracking down those who were actually involved. “The miscreants are absconding. Raids are on and they will be arrested soon,” said Dhrubajyoti Dey, additional SP, Barrackpore.

Source : TOI


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