10-year-old boy Chinese boy survives 20-storey plunge

 A 10-year-old boy from China miraculously survived after falling from the 20th floor of an apartment building.

Xiao Xiao (not his real name) suffered only slight injuries after landing on a car roof, police and doctors said Tuesday, reports English.news.cn.

He fell out of an open window on the 20th floor of his home in Guoen Mansion in downtown Guiyang, the provincial capital. Fortunately, Xiao landed on a Citroen car, breaking its roof and back windshield.

His head was cushioned by a pillow on the backseat.

“Video from the building’s surveillance camera showed he climbed on to the window sill about 50 cm above the floor,” said an officer with the Nanming District police station.

“The window was open and it was raining outside.”

The officer assumed it was an accident rather than suicide, though an investigation was still under way.

Xiao was still under observation at the neurosurgery department of the People’s Hospital in Guizhou


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