To beat stress, simply massage your face

Suffering from stress, insomnia, or memory loss? Don’t pop a pill, instead press your face, say experts, who have come out with a complementary therapy called facial reflexology the latest fad in Britain.

Hot fad: To beat stress, simply massage your face

The therapy works by stimulating pressure points on the face that correspond with particular parts of the body. In fact, it’s effective because the face has a large number of nerves and blood vessels, say its advocates.

According to them, facial reflexology combines massage with theories based on acupuncture and Chinese concepts of energy lines.

The facial reflexologists say they feel a change of texture as a result of these imbalances under the upper layer of skin on the face. They are said to feel like lumps of porridge or grains of sand. By working over the face with the fingertips, they can, the experts claim, break down these deposits, boosting the energy, circulatory and nervous systems.

Hot fad: To beat stress, simply massage your face

The brain is the control centre of the body and the face is much closer to it than the feet are, so face reflexology can work faster than foot reflexology, leading facial reflexologist Nikke Ariff was quoted as saying. Arif, one of the estimated 35,000 reflexologists now practising in Britain, says that each session begins by stimulating the acupuncture points on face using acupressure. As well as being energy points they are important blood circulation and nerve supply areas, she says.

Arif warms the face and corresponding body areas, releasing muscle tension and allowing more blood to flow through. The theory is that the face is a micromap of the body so, by working on a particular point of the micromap, you can affect the corresponding body part, calming it if there is inflammation or stimulating it if there is sluggishness.


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