Kickstart your kid’s morning

Here are some easy food tips to keep your child active throughout the day

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Parents must keep 10-15 minutes aside for their child to finish breakfast properly before he/she sets off to school.

– Food is fun. Don’t make it feel like a chore. Include substantial portions of carbohydrates and proteins in the meals to keep the child’s energy levels high.

– Give different foods every day in your kid’s plate. Variety is the recipe for good health. Try giving paranthas, omelette, toast, cornflakes and fruits and let him/her make a choice.

– A kid’s meal must include green leafy vegetables and also nuts, as a ground rule.

– Large amounts of saturated fat is not good for health, so don’t give fried stuff as a mid-day snack regularly. Avoid an overdose of candies too.

– Since playtime makes the child perspire a lot, make sure he/she drinks plenty of fluids. Lime juice or orange juice apart from milk and yoghurt can also be given.

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