Braveheart woman doctor fights armed robbers in Mumbai

Fifty four-year-old Dr Bhavna Khetiya has set an example for several people who are reluctant to fight off an attack from armed robbers and thieves.

On Saturday, Khetiya was attacked by four robbers who tried to snatch away her gold ornaments and assaulted her with knives on Ghatkopar’s Sixty Feet Road. But she repelled their attack and got them arrested with the help of locals.

Khetiya resides with her brother and his sons at their residence. Her sister-in-law and friends have been victims of similar incidents.

Khetiya told DNA: “Whenever I heard of such incidents, I would be scared. I never thought that the same could also happen to me. I don’t know what happened on that day, but I did not want to let the robbers go off with the gold chain.The strength and daring to fight back came from within. On the spur of the moment, I decided to push the robber away. When he tried to flee, I chased him.”

She added: “The only thing that one should keep in mind is that, if today we do not fight back against these anti-social elements, this will only encourage them. They will go on committing such criminal activities. If they fear being caught, criminal activities will automatically stop. For this, people have to be strong and give these criminals a tough fight.”

After the incident, Khetiya was sent to Rajawadi hospital for medical examination. After registering the case, she went back to her routine activities. She went to her clinic on the same evening. She continues to go for morning walks on the same road where the incident took place.


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