Amazing innovations from Indian school children

Age and geography has got nothing to do with innovation.

The winners — all student-innovators of IGNITE 10 contest — will testify to it.

IGNITE is a national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children.

The IGNITE 10 contest (October16, 2009 to September 15, 2010) saw participation of students from 161 districts of 29 States and Union Territories of the country.

Over all 2,139 entries were received, which ranged from sectors like energy, environment, transport, general household utility items etc. The awards were announced on October 15th, the birthday of children’s favorite Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, celebrated as the Children’s Creativity and Innovation Day by NIF.

Here we present 18 innovations — from Class 1 to Class 12 — and their innovators from different parts of the country.

Click link mentioned below  to read about all the 18 innovations mentioned here :

  1. Vibrator based overtake alarm
  2. Crutch with shock absorbers, bell and light
  3. Mini vacuum cleaner in a shoe
  4. The Cycl-O-Cleaner
  5. Tricycle with pre-programmed routes for the visually impaired
  6. Process of reeling cut or pierced muga cocoons to obtain continuous filament
  7. Peel groove knife for pineapple
  8. Locator beeper
  9. Mechanical porter
  10. Multiple physiotherapy devices
  11. Domestic & industrial waste water management in urban areas
  12. Recycled composite material made from multi layer film plastic packaging waste
  13. Reading assistant for the blind/low vision people
  14. Sound/Noiseless horn
  15. Talking wall-mounted calendar with reminder facility
  16. Pen that can recharge batteries while writing
  17. Euphorbia cotinifolia as termite / tick repelling
  18. System to prevent people from using mobile phones while driving


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