Athens mom makes inspirational book from own life’s experiences

Athens mom makes inspirational book from own life's experiencesAn Athens mother who raised a son who doctors said would likely die has published an inspirational book of stories, poems and prayers.

Barbara McGreger, who was the subject of a Mother’s Day feature in The News Courier’s May 9 edition, recently published “The Last Mile Home: Ordinary Insights from an Extraordinary God,” through Crossbooks Publishing.

The book includes a story titled “The Silent Minority,” about the difficulties faced by her son, Matt McCurry, as a special needs adult trying to be accepted in the workplace.

It was the death of the family’s 16-year-old cockapoo, Sadie, that moved this single mother to write, she said. The story of what she called their “last journey together,” is contained in the book in a story titled, “The Tears of God.”

Barbara had taken the aged and sick dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized. As the dog lay with its head in Barbara’s hand, she thought of what a gift Sadie had been.

“I thought of all the things she had been through with us: the moves, the joy, the tears, the special times, the sorrowful times,” Barbara wrote.

After Sadie died, Barbara made her way unsteadily to her car and began to sob uncontrollably. She begged God to take hold of her and comfort her. As she headed home, rain began to fall despite a month-long drought.

“It was then I felt my tender God was crying with me. … At one of the saddest times in my life, I never felt more loved and cared for,” she wrote.

Barbara stopped to put down in words the emotions pouring forth, she said. Those thoughts became the framework of her book.

The result is a 70-page, self-published paperback that is essentially her testimony of God’s love and how those who seek it can find it “in the mundane as well as the most magnificent aspects of daily life,” according to the book’s jacket.

In her story “The Angel at the Post Office,” Barbara tells how a stranger appeared and told her God would lift her burden, and then he seemingly disappeared.

Her story, “Expectant Waiting,” is a subtle gem that reminds the reader how sometimes patience is the key.



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