Pradipkumar – An icon of inspiration “HIV positive bodybuilder”

Pradipkumar Khundrakpam

Brief Profile
Mr. Manipur Khundrakpam Pradipkumar is the New Brand Ambassador for Manipur aid control society HIV/AIDS, Born on 01-01-1971  to Kalachand Singh and Mema Devi at Sagolband Khamnam Leirak, Imphal West district (Manipur)

Acheivement :
* 3rd Position, State Wrestling Competition, Rural Sport Meet,Bishnupur Distrcit, 1985
* 1st Postion, State Level Power Lifting Championship,Imphal 1987
* 2nd position, Senior Manipur Contest (60 kg.. Category), Imphal 2006
* 1st Postion, Senior Mr Manipur contest (60 kg.. Category), Imphal 2007
* Selected as one of the 6 finalist in Mr. India contest in Meerut – March 2008

When the All Manipur Body Builders’ Association (AMBBA) declared the results of the Mr. Manipur Contest 2007 on December 16, 2007 not many people knew that the title for Mr. Manipur 2007 in Senior 60 kg Category was going to an HIV patient. Only the Secretary of the Eagle Guide Gym, Imphal and a few gym-mates knew that Pradipkumar Khundrakpam, the winner of the title was an HIV patient who started serious body building only after contracting the dreaded disease. Pradipkumar disclosed his health status to the press a few days later as the time was mature for him to tell everyone that one can live and achieve even after infection with HIV. Pradipkumar informed the awe-striken newsmen that henceforth, he would be fighting against the HIV-AIDS by educating the infected people about living life with a purpose.
The rare news spread like wildfire around the globe through various media including the web.

An internet blogger rated the news,”the most positive news of 2007″!

A journalist branded Pradipkumar as,”Body of Hope”!

Everybody felt: here’s the man who only can show to the HIV victims ways to manage their lives.


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