International award for Gujarat doctor

 Gujarat-based doctor Sujata Mohan Rajapurkar, an organ transplant coordinator, has been selected for the prestigious CNSW (Council of Nephrology Social Workers) International Social Worker Award by the National Kidney Foundation in the US.

‘She has collected $2 million for the benefit of underprivileged kidney patients in India, and has created funds for various categories of disease so that every patient receives help,’ a communique from the National Kidney Foundation said Wednesday.

 In the letter of nomination of Rajapurkar, William G. Couser, managing director of International Society of Nephrology, said: ‘Mrs Rajapurkar has a vision and dedication to serve the poor in her country and that is truly inspirational.’

‘Because of her tireless efforts, which greatly exceed her professional responsibilities, she has attained the status of something of an angel in her area of Gujarat, becoming almost a member of the many grateful families she has helped.’

 The award will be presented to Rajapurkar, who works at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital in Nadiad, at the CNSW networking luncheon April 27, 2011, during the National Kidney Foundation Clinical Meeting at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, US.

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