Paraplegic woman finds her feet

Ten years ago, when the earth shook beneath Amina Sidiqi’s feet, not only did the roof of her house fell on her, it was as if all hell broke loose! Amina sustained severe spine injuries which left her bed-ridden, paralysed waist down. Her husband added insult to the injury, when instead of tending to her in the hospital, he dumped her saying she was of no use to her. Apparently, he did not want a burden who could not even get up on her two feet.

On Saturday, Amina showed how far a strong will-power can go in helping one tide over one crisis and another. Not only does Amina stand on her feet, she walks without any crutches. Having completed her beautician’s course, she also earns a living.

Significantly, she served her self-esteem when she turned away husband, who after knowing that she was well and also getting a pension of Rs 2,000 per month, came to take her back into his life. “I could never forgive him for hurting my sentiments and treating me like dirt. When I needed him the most, he dumped me. There was no way I would spend the rest of my life with him,” says Amina of her first husband Saleem.

Amina had three children when the tragedy struck. She lost her daughter Suraiya to the quake while Saleem took away her another daughter Noorjehan. Amina and her mother brought up Sahil who was just one-month old when she was paralysed by the quake.

Amina remained in the hospital for eight months where her mother looked after her like she was a baby again. Three surgeries and lots of rehabilitative therapy later, Amina started taking baby steps. A few years on, she is now able to walk, run and even dance!

Amina remarried Ibrahim, a rickshaw driver, five years ago and now is busy bringing up her son Sahil and running the house. Though she still gets episodes of severe back pain due to the extensive injuries, she believes in living with a smile on her face.

“Fighting bedsores after being bed-ridden for eight months, I never thought I would be able to walk. God brought back my feet to life again. I do not allow any adversity to stop me now,” says Amina.

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