Boy, 5, in inspiring charity drive

Harrison (right) has raised money with help from his brother George.

WHILE most children were writing lists for Santa, five-year-old Harrison put his pen to paper to offer a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Earlier this month, the Northcote boy raised $621 for World Vision by organising a sponsored bike ride, a sausage sizzle and a lollybag sale.

“At school, we learnt about kids who don’t have any toys or a warm bed to sleep in,” Harrison said.

“I wanted to make the children happy because I have toys and they don’t. Some of them live where there are big wars and tidal waves.”

Harrison said he wanted children in poor countries to have things he took for granted, such as a toilet and sports equipment.

His mum, Kirsty Teague, said the fundraising project was all his idea.

“One day he came home from school and said he was too busy to talk, with work to do,” Ms Teague said.

“He went to his play area and drew lots of pictures of ways to make money.”

After choosing his favourite ideas, Harrison invited his friends from Northcote Primary School to join him on a bike ride along the Merri Creek, to sponsor him or to come for a sausage sizzle and lollybag sale at Merri Park.

“We rode 5km along the Merri Creek and we rode 5km back,” Harrison said.

“There were four more children and some dads.”



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